The Calgary guide to the 2021 Federal Election

Everything you need to know as we head to the polls on Monday.

By Krista Sylvester | September 17, 2021 |3:25 am

Posters set up in the Calgary Rocky Ridge Riding.

Photo: Calgary Citizen

In what has simultaneously felt like both the longest campaign and the shortest campaign ever, the federal election is just three days away. 

Whether you agreed with the decision to call an election or not, it’s been a heated campaign as the governing Liberals slug it out with the Conservative party, the NDP, the Green Party and more. 

Most of you have either already voted or know who you’re going to vote for by now, so we decided we would compile a handy resource guide to get you to the polls Monday. 

Regardless of who you’re voting for, we encourage you to get out and have your say on Monday! 


We spent the past two weeks breaking down each riding, its boundaries, and its candidates for you and you can access all of that information here. 

While almost all of Calgary’s 10 ridings are expected to stay Conservative, there are three in particular most political scientists say will be tight two-horse races between the Conservative incumbents and the Liberal candidates vying to unseat them. 

Those three are Calgary-Skyview, Calgary-Centre, and Calgary-Confederation. 

Local experts say those are the ridings to keep an eye on Monday night when the polls close, but otherwise, the rest of the ridings should probably remain Conservative. 


Most people prefer to vote near their homes in their own ridings, and all of that information can be found on the Election Canada website. 

There is a spot at the top left of the homepage where you fill in your postal code and you will be given the location of where you can vote near your home. 

You don’t always have to vote in your own riding and can do so in other ridings as well, but will need to ensure you bring the proper information with you. (See below) 


Most people are already registered to vote and a Voter Information Card should have been sent to your home. If you don’t have one, that’s okay. Here are the three ways you can vote: 

Option 1:

Show one of these pieces of ID: 

Driver’s licence

Any other card issued by a Canadian government (federal, provincial/territorial or local) with your photo, name and current address

Option 2:

Show two pieces of ID: 

Both must have your name and at least one must have your current address.


Voter information card and bank statement

Utility bill and student ID card

Option 3:

If you don’t have ID:

You can still vote if you declare your identity and address in writing and have someone who knows you and who is assigned to your polling station vouch for you.

The voucher must be able to prove their identity and address. A person can vouch for only one person (except in long-term care facilities).


You can register or update your voter information, including your name, at your assigned polling station on election day, Monday, September 20.

You can also use the Online Voter Registration Service to print a registration certificate if you are not yet registered or your address needs to be updated.

This certificate is not required to register in person at the polls. 


We did a story this week on the issues that Calgarians care about, but we know there are so many more issues that are important to you. 

We recommend taking a look at this wonderful resource — — which is a great way to compare where the parties stand on issues from taxes and the economy, to affordable housing and homelessness, to transportation and infrastructure and so much more. 

On this website, you can also get to know your candidates and also find where to vote.

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Krista Sylvester

Reporter at Calgary Citizen

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