Oliver Miguel Interview

Oliver Miguel is a full-time musical performer who has called Calgary his home for exactly 30 years this month. The city thrives on Miguel’s energy and ability to light up any affair with his brilliant performances and contagious conga lines — led with his saxophone at the helm.

He brings the same zest to his neighbourhood and we’d be surprised if there is a resident of Fairview who doesn’t know him by name in the community. If you ever see him at the dog park singing to the pups, you’ll know that he’s in his happy place!

We sat down and found out what he loves about the Calgary community.

What makes Calgary feel like home?

“When I arrived here as a child, I didn’t speak any English. Through all of my experiences, the people, the sunshine, the mountains, the energy — everyone has made me feel welcome!”

What made you and your family come to Calgary?

“We were refugees to Canada — it’s your typical story that usually makes people cry when I tell them.”

What does community mean to you?

“It’s simple. Community is music, future, acceptance, support, laughter, and love.”

What do you love about the Calgary community?

“I love my dog park. It’s my happy place and I visit it almost every day. I like to sing songs while I walk my pups.”

How are you involved in your local community?

I’m constantly supporting local restaurants — they know me by name — and engaging with my neighbours. I say more than just ‘hello.’

What unites Calgarians in the community?

“Music! Music! Music!”

What is the Calgary community struggling with?

“I feel this pandemic has made some individuals less loving — and understandably so. More love, laughter, and musical concerts is what we need now.”

“Thank you so much for asking me these lovely questions!”

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