Calgary Citizen readers guide to Local Coffee Roasters

Well readers, we asked and you came through for us once again. It’s official, we like our coffee here at Calgary Citizen — and not just your average brew. 

Local roasters with a great story was a consistent theme through all of your submissions. Not only were you a fan of the coffee you recommended, but each of you felt a personal connection with the brand at the same time. Whether that be that you’ve gotten to know the founder or you were inspired by how the business came to be. 

These coffee roasters are more than just a place of commerce to get your caffeine fix. Rather a group of tenacious, hard-working Calgarians dedicated to their craft who play an integral part in supporting, building, and holding our community together. 

Plus, it’s no surprise that a good story on the side of a warm cup of locally roasted coffee is right up our alley! 

Here are just a few of the roasters our readers recommended, along with a few favourites amongst our team. 


Lindsay: “The story behind this coffee roaster is amazing — a husband and wife duo built a barn on their acreage and roast their beans out of the loft (hence the name). Their nitro cold brew was amazing in the summer and we love their variety of medium roasts. Roasting day is always Monday so Tuesday is the best day to score a fresh bag of beans.” 


Carisa: “Favourite local coffee roasters you ask? Motherlode! Native to Calgary and the only female and LGBTQ2+ coffee roasting team! They also do amazing things to give back to the community through their sales.” 


Sean: “One of the best-tasting coffees that’s come out of Calgary in a long time. It’s bold, strong, and filled with flavour. It has a timeless brand that represents our city on a national level and encourages us all to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us.” 


Graeme: “Best coffee roaster according to me is Roast Tea and Coffee at Bragg Creek. Nez has been my supplier for probably 10 years now. She delivers once a week and the coffee can be ordered online and it is also available at the Italian Centre Market.” 


Thomas: “As far as coffee brands go, I can recommend a local coffee roasting company (they operate near Priddis) called Crickle Creek Coffee. They roast a wide variety of coffees and offer free delivery.” 


Kristy: “Their mantra is that they take care of their people — and I can say that they live by those words. Delivered to your doorstep the team at Five’21 puts so much care and attention into getting to know their customers and treating them as though they are family. My favourite roasts are the ‘Blue Bird’ and ‘Last Mile,’ both dark, rich, and filled with notes of cocoa.”

Submit your favourite local coffee roaster by sending us an email and we will add it to the list! 

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