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  • Jeff Bradshaw. Co-Founder of Planstie, Founder of V Strategies.

Jeff Bradshaw. Co-Founder of Planstie, Founder of V Strategies.

“I’m just kind of a serial entrepreneur, and I love the entrepreneurial spirit of the city.”

Tell us more about Plantsie?

“Planstie is a whole new twist on tropical houseplants. We launched the site mid-April and it’s going wonderfully. People love what we’re doing. Basically, you go to the website, pick a plant, pick a pot, pick a name and pick a personality from one of our 30 personalities. We’re currently delivering anywhere in Alberta and soon, BC and Saskatchewan.”

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What do you love about Calgary?

“There’s so many things to love about Calgary. I mean, I remember coming through Calgary as a kid because I lived throughout Alberta… and just always knew that I wanted to live here. The access to the mountains and the outdoors that we have here is amazing. But I also think that it’s that entrepreneurial spirit, and the drive that the community and the people seem to have. It feels like a small city as well. I run into people all over the place that I’ve either worked with or met in the community in the past. And I just think it’s a positive, uplifting community, despite all of the challenges everybody’s had in the past year.”

What do you love about your community?

“Lake Bonavista to me is such an amazing community. We’ve got the lake there; it was one of the original lake communities, which is great. I find it like a small town within a big city and it’s just a really tight knit community. I play hockey with a bunch of people in the area. I’ve lived either there or Parkland for the past 20 years.”

Check out Plantsie for yourself – and we definitely think you should!

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