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Calgary entrepreneur is redefining communication and leadership through her workshops

Inspired while working in the corporate world, Caroline Berglund wondered what it would be like to facilitate workshops and solve complex problems for individuals and teams.

Caroline Berglund founded her company Talk Talk over 10 years ago. // Submitted

Caroline Berglund is a Calgary-based entrepreneur who is redefining the world of leadership, team development, executive coaching, and public speaking.

Berglund founded the company Talk Talk over 10 years ago. Inspired by a consultant while working in the corporate world, Berglund wondered what it would be like to facilitate workshops and solve complex problems for individuals and teams.

Ultimately, Talk Talk burst into existence and she began changing the way people thought about communication and leadership.

“We are a boutique consulting firm that plays in several arenas, including leadership, team workshops, executive coaching, and public speaking. Learning is our passion. Transformation is our result,” Berglund says.

She and her company believe kindness is the secret sauce to transformation in business.

Paying attention to the ‘human’ side of organizational change is paramount. We’re on a quest to make the world a more humane and kinder place,” she says.

From corporate to entrepreneur

Berglund began her career in the world of consumer packaged goods.

“I’ve worked with some biggies like Kellogg’s, SC Johnson, and Cadbury Adams. And it was during my Cadbury Adams days that I met my first-ever consultant,” she says. “This consultant would swoop in like a superhero to facilitate workshops and solve complex problems… She was captivating, knowledgeable, and moved those around her to action.”

From then on, Berglund wondered how she could be like the inspiring consultant. After another decade working in corporate, she founded Talk Talk.

“For those curious minds wondering about the name, well, let’s take a time machine back to the totally tubular 1980s. Yep, that’s right! We pay a little homage to the iconic band of that era.”

What’s so interesting about communication?

Being a good communicator is like having a superpower, Berglund believes.

“It’s not just about eloquence and the gift of the gab; it’s about truly connecting with others, building bridges of understanding, and fostering a sense of camaraderie,” she says.

Good communication is the cornerstone of building meaningful, more connected relationships, and this is important in every area of life. It's also important for good leadership, and Berglund is redefining that too.

“The old ‘command and control’ leader style is out, motivating by fear and intimidation is out. This style worked wonders in the industrial age. It’s a really bad idea nowadays,” she says.

Employees are no longer considered to be a number anymore. They want to be treated like humans and see their employers be vulnerable to them.

“We need to acknowledge, we need to prioritize how we treat each other in the world and in work. Too many organizations bet on having a cut-throat, high-pressure, take-no-prisoners culture to drive their financial success. This is no longer going to work.”

A transformation that sticks

Berglund’s workshops are not one-size-fits-all but customized to each person and company.

“Sure, we have theories, philosophies, and models, but every single project is handled as unique. We offer deep customization to every single project,” she says.

While change may seem daunting, Berglund and her team will help companies through every step of the transformation. They help develop soft and hard skills.

“We're pretty darn fantastic at developing soft skills at Talk Talk,” she says. “And our approach and tools are designed to be effective in person, remotely, or a combination.”

Instead of bombing in and out with her consultations, Berglund works with her clients for at least a year, two years, or longer. She helps develop skills and then leaves it to the clients to put them into practice. Later, she returns to discuss how it's working.

“It's about nurturing deep relationships with our clients where we invest very consciously in developing durable, positive, trust-based relationships,” she says. “Our focus is simple: our clients. Trust is not something that just happens or doesn't. It requires a conscious commitment and ongoing attention.”

Why do it?

Berglund says she loves the thrill of helping, whether it be one-on-one or in a workshop.

“I get an electrifying burst of joy when someone goes, ‘I’ve never thought of it that way!’ or ‘Whoa, I can’t wait to try this concept!’ Seeing those lightbulbs flicker above their heads is pure magic,” she says.

Knowing she can make a difference in someone else's life is important to Berglund.

“Helping and creating together make this whole journey of Talk Talk an exhilarating rollercoaster of wonder, joy and fun!”

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