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A show full of wonder, Cirque du Soleil's Kooza features The Innocent, an endearing yet naïve clown looking for his place in the world. It’s been 12 years since Cirque was in the city and there is no shortage of the dangerously theatrical acts Cirque is known for set to a live score. Don’t forget to try the Village Trickster, a collaboration lager beer between Kooza and Village Brewery.

Catch Cirque Du Soleil under the Big Top at Stampede Park until Oct. 8. // Julie Patton

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⛅ Today: High 22C, Low 8C. See the 7-day forecast.

🚗 Driving today? Check the current traffic situation, and find the city’s traffic report and road closures.

Now three, Eilidh, left, has worked with physical, occupational, and speech therapists to help her development. // Submitted

Every mother expects to bring their baby home after birth, and it’s a scary time when they can’t. Shanlee Hynes’ first-born, her son Kohlson, gave her all the typical experiences she expected at birth. However, her second-born, daughter Eilidh, was different. After weeks in the hospital and months waiting for test results, Hynes’ family finally got Eilidh’s diagnosis: Prader-Willi Syndrome.

One in 15,000: A rare genetic disorder, PWS affects the growth and development of a child, physically and emotionally, and can cause behaviour issues like anger and compulsion. A major symptom is hyperphagia, or insatiable hunger.

One treatment: The only available treatment for PWS is a daily growth hormone injection. This injection aids in development but does not stop any of the symptoms. The injections are not covered by the Canadian government.

Walk for awareness: One Small Step is a walk to raise awareness and funds for the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research Canada. The walk will take place on Sept. 17 at 10am at Edworthy Park.

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Need to know

😷 A number of daycares and facilities have been hit by an E. coli outbreak with up to 50 children at the hospital. (Global)

👮 A Calgary councillor says there has to be consequences after businesses were damaged and residents were shaken in a 150-person brawl.

🔥 Calgarians are fed up with the wildfire smoke as Labour Day weekend concludes with hazy skies and air advisories. (CTV)

🌈 Thousands of Calgarians celebrated and showed support at the Calgary Pride parade. (Herald)

💼 Experts say Canadian employers are missing the mark with hybrid work policies.

🚓 A driver is in custody after a pedestrian was killed in hit and run in Calgary over the weekend.

🚓 Several new Alberta traffic safety rules are now in effect and drivers are reminded to heed the new laws. (City News)

✈️ Calgary’s international airport is becoming a connection of choice for U.S. travellers heading overseas. 


DROP is the story of Christopher Clare as he ages out of his art form as a professional performance artist. // Submitted

The Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) is coming up soon. Celebrating its 24th  year, the 11-day festival features over 175 multi-genre feature and short films from Canada and around the world. With a large group of Alberta talent, filmmakers from across the province will be celebrated at the festival including Calgary filmmaker Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi, who is presenting his new feature narrative, DROP. Filmed around Calgary and created with Calgary talent, DROP is an authentic Calgary film.

Things to do

🎟️ The Chicks World Tour: Catch The Chicks and Marren Morris as they make their stop at the Saddledome on their world tour.

🎟️ Outdoor Movie in the Park: The Sunalta Community Association and Scarboro CA is hosting its fifth annual Outdoor Movie in the Park at Sunalta Community Hall on Friday for free.

🎟️ Calgary Rotary RibFest: A modern-day meat brigade, don’t forget to put RibFest in your calendars and enjoy delicious ribs hot off the rack this weekend.

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Where to eat & drink

🍴 Fuwa Fuwa: In celebration of Fuwa Fuwa’s opening day in Chinook Plaza, purchase a one-year coffee pass for $89 on Sept. 9 and 10. That means you can get a coffee every day of the year!

🍴 Flower & Wolf: Priding themselves on everything made from scratch, Flower & Wolf offers meals of the highest quality that keep you coming back for more.

🍴 Chipotle: Calgary’s first-ever Chipotle is opening its doors on Sept. 9. Try the popular Mexican-inspired cuisine and customize your favourite burritos and bowls.

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Local specials

💸 Brewster Express: Planning a trip out to the Rockies? Save 15% on return trips with Brewster’s shuttle service while enjoying free wi-fi.

💸 Pig & Duke: On Mondays, chow down on the pulled pork sandwich for $10, on Tuesdays get the prime dip for $12.95, and on Wednesdays get wings for $7.95/lb.

💸 Golf Town: With the end of golf season upon us, be sure to check out Golf Town’s daily and weekly deals so you’re ready for next year!

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