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A vibrant new mural is coming to life this month led by Calgary artist Scott Clark in collaboration with the Youth Singers of Calgary. This large-scale mural is expected to be up to 2,000 square feet and was created with the help of more than 150 volunteers. Calgarians are invited to visit Clark and the crew at the mural located at 1371 Hastings Cres. SE, daily until June 14 between 12-7pm in celebration of the upcoming Neighbour Day. Learn more about Clark in today’s Community Spotlight.

Krista Sylvester, Managing Editor

👀 In today's edition:

  • YYC needs to keep conserving water

  • Teen murder victim mourned

  • A paintbrush in one hand, mic in the other

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How has Calgary's water shortage affected you?

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⛅️ Today: High 25C, Low 9C. See the 7-day forecast.

🚗 Driving today? Check the current traffic situation, and find the city’s traffic report and road closures.

Repairs to a broken water main continue and the list of water restrictions can be found here.

As repairs continue on the city’s massive water main break, city officials say there is still a risk that the city runs out of water. It’s expected to take several more days to fix the 50-year-old piece of infrastructure that supplies approximately 60% of the city. Here’s what you need to know about the latest.

As CBC reports, Mayor Jyoti Gondek says Calgarians are doing a good job conserving water, but there is still a risk the city can run out of water if these efforts are not sustained. "It may be a situation where you turn on the tap and nothing comes out," Gondek explained. "As you draw water down on the reservoirs that are in your community, if we can't get them filled up as quickly as you are using the water, you may run out of water."

CTV News is breaking down the dos and don’ts for Calgarians as the city continues to deal with a water crisis amid a critical water main break. Many people may be confused about how they can help conserve water, and you can get all of the details here.

CityNews is reporting that the boil water advisory was lifted for the community of Bowness. The city still remains under Stage 4 water restrictions that requires all residents and businesses to refrain from outdoor water use.


Mayor Jyoti Gondek has come under fire recently, so we wanted to share this story from October 2021 about former Mayor Naheed Nenshi’s legacy to compare.

Need to know

💔 A teen who was fatally stabbed during a fight with another boy was described by his lacrosse club as someone with "unwavering sportsmanship."

🦌 A wild moose was tranquilized and removed from a southwest community.

📻️ Podcast puts the spotlight on a topical issue - is Alberta ready for a disastrous drought?

🏒 The Calgary Tower was lit up in blue and orange on Monday - but not for the Oilers.

❣️ A local man travelled to the U.K. to meet the donor who saved his life.

🛢️ A Calgary energy company has been told to abandon hundreds of oil wells after ongoing care problems.

💸 A community business leader impacted by the water main break is reminding people ‘Bowness is open’.

You’ve probably seen this local artist’s work around the city so meet the man behind the brush

Calgary visual artist Scott Clark has injected some colour into dozens of art projects around the city.

Scott Clark has always lived his life with a little adventure so it’s no surprise that he is involved in so many local projects. As a self-employed visual artist and house painter, he loves connecting with Calgarians through his work. When he isn’t creating art, you might catch Clark listening to live music - and you might have even seen him at the occasional open mic with a guitar in his hand instead of a paintbrush. In light of his current project (see intro), we revisit our chat with Clark who shares what he loves about our city.

What is your favourite part about living in Calgary?

Calgary is my home and watching it grow from a fledging cowtown to a world-class modern city has been quite a sight to see. My favourite parts of Calgary are the climate with its welcoming chinooks and unpredictability. I also revel in the urban forest, which is beautifully intertwined with remarkable architecture. Calgary has an entrepreneurial spirit and the diversity of people makes it a more rewarding experience.

How are you involved in your community?

I was fortunate enough to be hired as an artist-in-residence for a non-profit in the late '90s, constructing myriad community-themed art murals for 10 years. Every mural consisted of tens of hundreds of local volunteers and a diverse group of individuals who worked together to create beautiful works of exterior wall art making wonderful souvenirs for the community. These endeavours always symbolize hope, beauty, and what is possible when we work together as a team.

What makes Calgary feel like home?

I think this city has always been ahead of the curve, giving opportunities to a wide cross-section of people. I love how it's cradled in the big sky and mountains, and Calgary itself is a mosaic of wonderful people.

Where to eat and drink

🍴 t2722experience: Check out this Inglewood luxury barista experience that makes it their mission to wow you. Sound mysterious and intriguing enough for you?

🍴 Eats of Asia: SunnyCider is welcoming a new restaurant addition into its space as Eats of Asia is setting up a second shop and will also serve as an off-sales outlet for unique Alberta craft beer as of June 19.

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Local specials

💸 A&W: This is a secret menu item for the dogs; this fast food spot is introducing the Pup Patty to drive-thru location menus to support service dog charities across Canada until June 23, with a portion of the proceeds from each $2 Pup Patty to be donated.

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Things to do

🎟️ The National at Spruce Meadows: Enjoy top athletes from around the world competing on the famous International Ring. This prestigious event at Spruce Meadows is on now until June 16.

🎟️ A Night of Bourbon: Bourbon lovers and maybe even whiskey lovers too would enjoy this tasting event featuring different producers. Add to your collection Thursday at Calgary Co-op Crowfoot Wine Spirits Beer from 7-9pm.

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