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Plus: Pay more for gas, alcohol, and more

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👀 In today's edition:

  • Cute dog looking for her friends

  • Carbon hike protests snarl traffic

  • More, more, more: Here’s what costs more

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“Every time we walk, she goes looking for them”: Kilo the dog is searching for her best buddies

Kilo, right, is on the search for her best buddies, Max and Ollie, who have been adopted out to two separate homes according to Kilo’s owner // Facebook

It was love at first sniff for Kilo, who instantly bonded with her former neighbours, Max and Ollie, just by simply walking by their yard every day. Now that the two dogs have found new homes through being adopted, Kilo has spent the past couple of months looking for them every time she walks by their former yard.

“My dog was obsessed with them,” Richelle Gustavson said in an Ask Calgary Facebook post. In an interview with Calgary Citizen Monday, Gustavson says her main goal is to find their new owners and plan playdates with Kilo, who dearly misses her pals she interacted with for about three years.

“We walk past their yard daily and I see my dog get excited to see their house then get extremely sad and disappointed when they aren’t there in the backyard to greet her like they used to,” she says, adding she hopes the new owners find out she’s looking for them. “Their connection was adorable, every time they saw us, they would run and cry to get our attention.”

Gustavson says the duo were adopted through the Calgary Humane Society but due to privacy reasons, she can’t find out who adopted them. “They always gave me kisses over the fence and gave Kilo kisses through the fence. It was so cute to see them in love.”

It wasn’t just Kilo in love; Gustavson says she has a special place in her heart for the two dogs, too. “I would love to see them, too. I grew a huge place for both of them in my heart.” If anyone knows where these two dogs ended up, they are asked to contact Gustavson at 1-780-336-1049 or email her at [email protected].

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Need to know

👮 A large carbon tax protest west of the city forces temporary traffic redirection on Highway 1 traffic after delays and congestion.

💸 Albertans are now spending more at the gas pumps and on alcohol as new taxes kick in.

🏒 Alberta’s VP of Rural Municipalities is calling out bad behaviour after Mayor Jyoti Gondek was booed while dropping the puck for a Flames game.

🪧 Premier to consider legislation changes following a petition to recall our city’s mayor.

⚖️ A judge has ruled that a local woman can proceed with medical assistance in dying despite her father’s opposition.

🛢️ Calgarians can now pre-order rain barrels to help conserve water as drought looms.

🌨️ Calgarians can enjoy a taste of spring this week but then winter is expected to return—yes—yet again.

🩺 A veteran Calgary doctor is getting some well-deserved international recognition for his work in Guatemala.

💔 A local teen seriously injured in a hit-and-run collision faces an uncertain future with a long recovery ahead.

Prepare to pay more: A quick 101 on what costs more for Albertans


Alberta’s provincial fuel tax increase came into effect on Monday and that’s not the only thing Albertans will be paying more for. Here is a quick refresher on what costs more and how it affects you as we sourced several of Calgary’s local news agencies to bring you the 101.

As City News reports, Alberta’s provincial fuel tax increased 9 cents to 13 cents per litre. And that’s not the only increase hitting the wallets of Calgary drivers; the federal carbon tax is increasing to 17.6 cents a litre, or up 24%.

As Global News reports, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is “disappointed” about what they call a double whammy of tax increases making life less affordable for many Albertans.

As CBC News previously reported, here is a full list of what increases Calgarians experienced this year, from transit to inflation and everything in between.

According to the federal government, the average Alberta family will get back $1,800 per year/$450 quarterly, which is the most in Canada.

Where to eat and drink

🍴 Doughnut Party: With a good selection of vegan options, this bakery offers one-of-a-kind tastes such as the Bernadette Doughnut with lavender and rosemary flavours and the Cardamom Rhubarb Rose Fritter.

🍴 Mighty Halifax Style Donair: Satisfy your cravings for the coast with menu items such as donair egg rolls, fish and chips, burgers, swag, and more!

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Local specials

💸 Original Joes: The Tuesday wing spot where you can sink your teeth into a plate of half-priced wings after 2pm.

💸 South Block BBQ and Brewery: Every day after 10pm grab meats like brisket, pork belly, turkey, ribs, and pork for half off!

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Things to do

🎟️ A Banded Artists Showcase: A free family-friendly event, host to 22 artists with their unique one-of-a-kind creations, and various live music performances where the room is filled with the aroma of delicious soul food on April 6 from 1-6pm.

🎟️ Cooking When Fatigued April 11: Learn to prepare and cook healthy meals when you live with chronic fatigue or mobility issues related to neurological conditions or arthritis. This free, in-person class (demo) is hosted by an AHS registered dietitian and occupational therapist.*

🎟️ Tasty, Low Salt Cooking April 17: Learn how to cook delicious meals with less salt in this FREE virtual cooking demo with registered dietitians from the South Health Campus Wellness Kitchen. Recipes included!*

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