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Plus: 9 YYC eateries hit top 100 list, tax increase, and stranger stories


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The CUFF.Docs Film Festival kicked off last night and we want to give some lucky readers a pair of free tickets to check out a film over the next few days at the Globe Cinema. Enter your name into the draw simply by emailing us at [email protected] and let us know what you love best about us and we will let you know if you win. Check out our feature about the film fest to learn more. Have a lovely weekend!

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Do you think police were too quick to lay charges against the teens in relation to murder?

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Police Chief Mark Neufeld issued a public apology on Tuesday after murder charges against two teen brothers were stayed. // Shutterstock

As the Calgary Herald reported, Mount Royal criminology professor Doug King said this is a rare occurrence and was a hot topic amongst his peers. “My mind instantly went, ‘Goodness Gracious. This doesn’t happen often. It was the talk of the hallway that I’m in’.”

As Global News reported, the charges were stayed after a community member came forward with a video that provided contradictory evidence. The city’s police chief says there will be an independent review to look into the arrest and charges.

According to CTV, an Alberta lawyer is questioning the quality of the investigation and says it “happens to a lot of people,” pointing out a broader problem. “The real issue is, what basis did they have to arrest them in the first place? And then, after arresting, what basis did they have to lay those charges?”

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Need to know

🏠 In a heartwarming twist in the city’s real estate scene, a young couple secured their dream home by attaching a heartfelt love letter to their offer.

🍲 These nine Calgary restaurants made OpenTable’s Top 100 restaurants in Canada list.

❤️ CTV viewers reached out to help a senior pay close to a $2,200 city impound tab in a bitter-sweet heartwarming tale.

💸 City council voted to shift a portion of the tax burden from businesses to homeowners and this is how much it will be.

👮 A woman who was kidnapped and held hostage earlier this year didn’t know the assailant and police say it could be linked to organized crime.

🌡️ Snow and “very cold” temperatures are expected back in Calgary, according to the Farmers' Almanac Winter, 2024.

🌡️ The Peace Bridge is now fully open for use again after vandalism caused a year-long repair.

😷 The Peter Lougheed Centre is adopting a new masking directive to curb COVID infections.

🔥 “The Summer Canada Burned—the Wildfire Season that Shocked the World”: A new Postmedia/Greystone book is hitting bookstores on Nov. 27.

🚀 A female Calgary-born astronaut has been named the backup for the Artemis II moon mission.

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We asked and you replied: Here are some of our readers’ stories about memorable moments with strangers

A note from a stranger that Krista had a meaningful interaction with. (see below)

We recently shared a GenWell Project study that says people who greet strangers at least once a week are three times more likely to be happy than those who don’t. The act can also increase optimism, trust, and compassion. I talk to strangers everywhere I go but one recent interaction sticks out (below) and I‘m sharing some of our readers’ stories, too. This is what they said.

Krista: I was at an event where I struck up a conversation with a friendly but lonely woman in her 50s. She was sitting alone and looked really sad so I started talking with her again and she was shocked I remembered her name. I wrote her a note to cheer her up that said, “Don’t forget that you are a beautiful and kind soul who lights up a room and I wish you nothing but the best in life.” She teared up and hugged me and asked if she could write me a note back. I said, of course! In a funny twist, she asked me to write the note myself while she dictated it to me, but what she said meant the world to me. I think about that interaction a lot.

Martin: I talk to strangers on the street, at bus stops, in elevators etc. In elevators, everyone knows your phone does not work so I make a point of getting a brief conversation going. I especially like the dog owners in our elevator. We don’t have a dog any longer, so I get to live vicariously and meet the dog! We need to communicate more and reach out to strangers. Everyone has a story.

Pat: A number of years ago, I was in the Calgary Co-op and was startled to hear what sounded like my late father's voice coming from an older gentleman. I did a double-take. I went to him and asked him if he would mind telling me where he was from as I thought I recognized his accent. He said, "I'm from the UK, a city called Rochester." Well, that is where I grew up and where my dad lived most of his life! I invited him and his wife to tea and showed them the drawing I had done of Rochester Castle. We had a lovely ‘chin wag.

Loren: My son contracted chicken pox 27 years ago. It quickly became serious, so I had to take him to the doctor. I was standing at the end of a long queue at the pharmacist, tending to a crying baby and a bored three-year-old. I was exhausted and ignored the glares from the other patrons when a woman at the front of the line came back to me. She took me by the arm and marched me to the front of the line saying softly to me, “You need to be home.” To this day, I get teary thinking about this woman and her act of kindness. You never know how impactful a kind gesture can be.

Thank you for sharing your meaningful moments with us!

Where to eat and drink

🍴 Satsuki: This Kensington promises a dining experience like no other as you journey through the world of traditional Japanese cuisine.

🍴 Merchants: Dessert in a glass with a Black Forest Cake cocktail that combines Koloa chocolate rum with Guinness for a melt-in-your-mouth flavour? Sign us up!

🍴 The Guild: Utilizing traditional techniques of cooking over wood and coal, The Guild serves local beef, game, and fowl, bringing its customers the best dining experience through the finest traditions.

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Local specials

💸 Schanks: Enjoy boneless wings, dry ribs, or pierogies for just $7.50 on Mondays at this fun spot with no shortage of things to do.

💸 St. James Place: What’s better than half-price wings after 3pm? Half-price bottles of wine and $5 Wild Rose Draughts, of course! Enjoy on Wednesdays.

💸 Fitset Ninja: There are a few unique ways to give your young athlete the after-school workout they look forward to so enjoy a free trial class to see which is the best.

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Things to do

🎟️ ZOOLIGHTS: One of Calgary’s favourite holiday traditions is underway at the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo as visitors enjoy a whimsical winter wonderland under a dazzling blanket of twinkling lights.

🎟️ The Barra MacNeils: An East Coast Christmas: Join the biggest holiday kitchen party Calgary has ever seen on Friday as the spirit of the East Coast is coming to the Jack Singer Concert Hall.

🎟️ Fill-the-Van at MEOW Thrift: Don’t forget your donations for this purr-fect charity event at the MEOW Charity Thrift Shop on Saturday.

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One of our readers recently captured this adorable photo of a deer looking right at the camera. // Zak Masrani

That’s it! Thanks for reading. If you have a hot story tip you want to share, feel free to reply back anytime. We’ll see you back here on Tuesday, same time, same place!

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