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Plus: Five Family Day events, open adoption, and Olympics

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Happy buy-your-leftover-Valentine’s chocolate for cheap day! At least that’s what we are going to do. Readers: We need more winter photos to run in the newsletter so send them our way to [email protected]. Happy Family Day weekend!

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  • Not every family looks the same

  • Award-winning YYC musician living in car

  • Five Family Day events to enjoy

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Adoption is More: A new campaign is shining a light on open adoption in Alberta

Oakley and her husband decided early on that placing their child for open adoption was the right move and they have remained involved in the child’s life. // Adoption is More Instagram

With Family Day weekend upon us, Alberta’s three non-profit adoption agencies have united to raise awareness and destigmatize adoption. The Adoption is More campaign was created to help Albertans better understand how adoption works in Alberta. With 9% of Canadians identifying themselves as having been adopted as a child, adoption is not as rare an occurrence as some may believe.

Placing a child for adoption is an extremely emotional, personal and difficult decision and is often stigmatized. Many birth mothers and parents deciding to place a child for adoption may not realize they can still play a role in that child’s life as they grow older through an open adoption.

How an open adoption relationship will work between the birth and adoptive parents, as well as with the child, can vary and is up to the birth and adoptive families to negotiate and set boundaries. The adoption experience can look different for everyone, but it is increasingly common for birth parents to remain involved, in some capacity, in the child’s life.

Tina Johnson is a birth mother who now runs a support group for other birth mothers. She made her adoption decision more than 20 years ago and still enjoys a strong relationship with her child.

“As difficult as it was, I knew I wasn’t able to care for my child,” she says. “This has included some difficult conversations but is mainly filled with joy and love as I celebrated birthdays and other milestones.”

Sheryl Proulx of Adoption Options, one of three non-profit adoption agencies in Alberta, says parents aren’t alone when making this life-changing decision and counselling is available.

“There is so much stigma and many misconceptions about adoption. Some of that is out of a belief that the decision is made from weakness. In fact, it is made out of love and a realization that the best decision isn’t always the path towards the typical family journey.”

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Need to know

🎺 Award-winning Calgary musician living in a car amid mental health and financial challenges.

🐎 A Calgary girl and her rescue horse are a match made in heaven this Valentine’s Day.

🚗 'Really unfortunate': Calgary family asking for support after teen daughter injured in a hit-and-run.

🥌 'Wow! What a show' — When Calgary opened the Olympics 36 years ago today.

🚙 City Council has defeated a motion to allow RV parking outside homes year-round.

👮 An Alberta RCMP officer is accused of leaking police information to the Rwandan government.

🚑 The Calgary Fire Department is bringing back medical SUVs to help with rising downtown emergency calls.

🔥 Officials are looking into the cause of a fire that tore through a Kensington restaurant.

🚓 A cardiologist has been cleared of sexual assault charges and convicted of assault.

Five Family Day events to enjoy with your family. Did we mention some of them are free?

Heritage Park’s popular Family Day brunch takes over Gasoline Alley on Monday. Come for the food and stay for the museum. // Heritage Park

There’s no shortage of Family Day events this weekend—too many to even list—but we compiled a list of five that we are most excited about to make it easier for you. Happy Family Day!

Heritage Park Family Day Brunch: Enjoy Family Day brunch at Heritage Park’s Gasoline Alley on Monday and after your delicious meal, explore both floors of the museum included in the price of the meal.

The Wildlife Festival: Enjoy a sloth and a kangaroo at the Wildlife Festival with interactive experiences with the animals that will teach, entertain, and delight all who attend from Friday to Monday.

Dalhousie Winter Carnival: Experience the magic of Dalhousie’s Winter Carnival with games, hands-on crafts, magic performances, and more on Saturday.

Family Day at Studio Bell with The Buckleys: The National Music Centre is hosting a special Family Day event on Monday featuring Alberta's beloved songwriting siblings, The Buckleys. Admission is free!

Alberta museums: Did you know that many of Alberta’s museums are free on Monday for Family Day, including the Royal Alberta Museum and Calgary’s Lougheed House? What are you waiting for!

Where to eat and drink

🍴 Strip Joint Chicken: Not only do they have juicy tenders, their side options are excellent—our favourite: the Funeral Potatoes. A decadent mixture of cheese and truffle with a crispy outside.

🍴 Heaven Restaurant: A must-try for gluten-free options, Heaven’s entire restaurant is GF without sacrificing flavour. From the dips to the desserts, everything is delicious.

🍴 Purr Tea: Combining Western fruit smoothies and Eastern bubble tea ingredients, check out this delicious bubble tea spot.

Have a food or drink suggestion? Message us and we might share it!

Local specials

💸 MEOW Charity Thrift Shop: Take advantage of this sale until Feb. 18 with 25% off all craft and stationery items.

💸 Made Local Marketplace: This curator of locally made goods offers free shipping within city limits with code LOCALCALGARY and they have something for everyone.

💸 Top Brass Lounge: With $2 pool tables and food and drink specials every day of the week, Top Brass is a great spot for a casual hangout with some friends or a jam night with the band.

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Things to do

🎟️ Exposure Photography Festival: There is a variety of events happening all month so check out the schedule and enjoy some beautiful photography.

🎟️ SPACE: A Journey to the Moon and Beyond: TELUS Spark’s new exhibit features beautiful effects and stunning visuals for an immersive experience that brings you to infinity and beyond.

🎟️ HAIRSPRAY: We are just a month away from the Broadway classic coming to Jubilee so snap up your tickets before it’s too late!

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One of our readers sent us this beautiful winter sunset. // Quratulain Khan

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