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Scream's original Ghostface and Stampede's big music acts

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You might notice something different today as Urban Fare Mount Royal converted overnight into a Save-On-Foods. More than just a name change, Calgarians will have more ways to save on groceries with reduced prices across the store, and programs, products and services unique to Save-On-Foods including Darrell’s Deals, $1.49 Day Tuesdays, and 15% off on the first Tuesday of every month. Save-On-Foods Mount Royal is officially open for business as of 8am today and will celebrate by giving the first 100 customers of the day a gift card loaded with $10—except for two, which will be worth $100 each. Read more about the switch here.

Krista Sylvester, Managing Editor

👀 In today's edition:

  • Meet Scream’s original Ghostface

  • City vs. province—yes, again

  • Local filmmaker hits CUFF screen

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The original Ghostface from Scream is in town and it’s all about meeting fans of the film

Lee Waddell played the original Ghostface from Scream. He will be signing autographs and doing photo ops on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. // Comic Expo

Scream debuted almost 30 years ago and has since become a staple in the horror genre community as one of the greatest slasher franchises. Lee Waddell is an American stuntman/actor best known for his performance as the original Ghostface killer in the 1996 horror Scream. Waddell specialized in precision driving and fire stunts. The stuntman behind the first costume is in Calgary this weekend to meet with fans at the Calgary Expo from today until Sunday. Waddell joins Scream stars Neve Campbell, Jamie Kennedy, Matthew Lillard, and Skeet Ulrich and is excited to reunite with the cast and meet with fans this weekend. We chatted with Lee about the film’s legacy.

How fun are these types of events for you?

“When we get together at these big cons, they’re like large reunion shows, right? So there's a lot of the cast together … it’s like a circus, a fun, big love fest. It’s great to see everybody again and catch up because it'll be a few months between shows or sometimes even a year or two. And then it's all about the fans. I love the fans, the fans is what it's all about, the fans are what drives you—that’s why we do it.”

What are your fan interactions like, do you have any that stand out?

“What's so cool about the horror genre and that community is that everybody has this really cool vibe, and there's no judgment, a lot of love, and it's really positive. So it's just super fun to be involved in that. I have a great retirement job. I mean, look what I get to do. I get to travel around and meet people.”

Scream was a classic and here we are, 30 years later, still celebrating it. How cool is that?

“When we're talking about a film that's almost 30 years old, that's a long time ago. That's older than a lot of the fans that I get to meet. And what's so cool about the Scream franchise now is that it is generational. Right? I have people come up to me, ‘Oh, you wrecked my childhood or you made my childhood. And now my kids are watching and now my grandkids are watching it.’ It's really cool to see that multi-generational lineage that's in love with the Scream franchise.”

Are you bringing the original Scream mask?

“The original won't hold up to the abuse… so I have a wardrobe that is 99 per cent accurate of what I wore almost 30 years ago. When I do photo ops, I go back into character so I can give a little bit of a taste of what the characters went through. So we have a lot of fun with that.”

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🎸 Some big names in music have been announced for the Calgary Stampede Big Four Roadhouse concert lineup.

🐕️ Coyote calls on the rise in Calgary; city wildlife team advises caution.

🏈 Former Stampeder player is suspended indefinitely by the CFL for betting on games while with the team.

🪧 'People have heard their perspective': City hall sees smaller turnout on day two of rezoning public hearing.

🔥 Calgary escapes fire restrictions so far but fire concerns persist.

🏗️ Calgary could bump up the timeline for the controversial Memorial Drive extension project.

🏥 New treatment for Albertans with swallowing disorders available in Edmonton and Calgary.

👮 Calgary police chief weighs in on the complexities of protecting sex workers.

Calgary filmmaker’s latest project gets its debut at the Calgary Underground Film Festival

The first episode of Department of Paranormal Affairs premieres on Saturday at 4:30pm at the Globe with director Michael Peterson in attendance.

Michael Peterson is an accomplished Calgary-based filmmaker who has made a name for himself over the past eight years on the genre film festival circuit with his feature films and TV series. The world premiere of the first episode of his Alberta-created, six-part episodic short-form series Department of Paranormal Affairs, is at the Calgary Underground Film Festival on Saturday. We spoke with Peterson about his latest.

Tell us about your background?

The first feature film I wrote, directed, and produced was a comedy we shot in Calgary … but I was producing a lot more than directing. Last year, I ended up producing two feature films and directing one of those two films. So, even though I thought I'd do more producing that's when suddenly more directing opportunities started just showing up, which I'm extremely grateful for. The bulk of my work is loosely in the world of horror movies, and probably what I've become best known for, but comedy is still something I really love to do and think I'm not too bad at it.

What can you tell us about your film and what audiences can expect?

I'd describe it as a workplace comedy that is set in a world where the paranormal and monsters exist. And being Canadian they are not out to 'bust ghosts' and the job is actually about trying to figure out ways for the normal world to co-exist with the paranormal world. Having a proven skill set in comedy and in horror, this felt like an amazing blend of using my strengths in a way that doesn’t come around that often.

What do you love about the city's film and TV scene?

Alberta makes some great genre films and we punch way above our weight with films that get programmed at top festivals and find distribution in multiple territories, and it's all part of the same community (both locally and internationally). We are building our own movies that are able to travel around the world and connect with audiences, and there is a vibrant and healthy local scene that is only growing stronger each year and we can do a lot more than just service the American shows that come here and don't necessarily hire the creative leads locally.

Where to eat and drink

🍴 Tipsy Pig Kitchen + Bar is best known for its award-winning pizza topped with its signature tomato sauce and quality ingredients. They also have a variety of delightful offerings such as the Steak Sandwich or their new crispy chicken parmesan sandwich.

🍴 Cinnaholic Gourmet Cinnamon rolls are all about delivering big flavours without the use of any animal products. This vegan bakery delights all pallets with indulgent flavours like cookie dough and lemonberry coffee cake.

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Local specials

💸 Blush and Raven Bridal is having a one-day sale on Sunday, April 28 where brides will be tempted to say yes to the dress with up to 70% off. This is a ticketed sale event costing $5 for entry.

💸 AP Uniforms Scrubs Warehouse Sale is happening on April 25 and 26 at the Executive Royal Hotel, where shoppers can expect exclusive offers and deals on quality brands like Dickies, Zinnia, HeartSoul, and more. 

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Things to do

🎟️ The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo: From April 25-28, geek out at this annual celebration of all things pop culture, including comics, sci-fi, gaming, fantasy, horror and more.

🎟️ Calgary Underground Film Festival is wrapping up on Sunday so check out the best of the rest this weekend before you have to wait another year.

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