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Allergy season arrives, world record, and fossil find

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What a nice weekend it is out there - minus the puddles of mud. But enjoy it while it last because Calgary is set to get an almost 30 degree temperature drop in the coming days, which I for one, am not looking forward to. Have a lovely weekend!


What is the coldest day ever recorded in Calgary (before windchill)?

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Here’s what happened in the news this week

Those could be the affects of an early allergy season. Although it is technically still winter, the milder temperatures and snow melt are already creating problems for many Albertans, with seasonal allergy symptoms more in line with the start of spring. Is it a sign of global warming or just the typical up-and-down Calgary weather? Dr. Nikhil Joshi explains his thoughts.

A European man with dreams of breaking a world record says he chose to train in Calgary because of a 1996 movie starting John Candy. "When I was younger I got inspired by the movie called Cool Runnings with four Jamaicans coming to Canada when it's like – 30 C," Andre BeBelibi's goal is to break the Guinness World Record for staying in a box filled with ice cubes up to his neck. Read more about his attempt.

‘This was not how our story was intended to play out,’ executive Jim Sullivan wrote in a memo to staff. Citing financial pressures and “significant headwinds,” Calgary-based low-cost airline Lynx Air announced it will cease operations on Monday. In a memo to staff, COO Jim Sullivan revealed the airline has successfully filed for creditor protection from the Court of King’s Bench of Alberta under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act. This is what it means. 

Almost six years to the day since Lloyd’s closed its roller-skating rink on Macleod Trail, a brand-new venue is opening on 42nd Avenue S.E. House of Skate has been created by two local entrepreneurs and avid skaters — Kathleen (Roxy) Janzen and Theresa Tucci — to offer roller-skating enthusiasts a permanent facility and introduce the activity to more Calgarians. This is how they did it.

A Goodwill store in Calgary is used to getting old donations. But recently, they had to redefine old. Strilisky is in charge of collections management at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller, Alta. He's talking about a box left at the Goodwill donation centre in southeast Calgary. Daoud Abbasi of Goodwill received that donation about a month ago. He knew he had something special on his hands. You need to see this.

Here’s what’s happening this weekend

🗓 WinSport Servus Tube Park: There’s only a few weekends to enjoy WinSport’s Tube Park, which is one of the fastest of its kind in Western Canada. Grab some friends and family and check it out!

🗓 Modern Love: Street Cats Fundraiser: At 5pm, Citizen Rage, and Modern Love YYC invites music lovers to enjoy an evening of performance for a good cause.

🗓 Paws in the Park: Join Chantel, a service dog expert, at Sue Higgins Park for a delightful winter gathering where pups and owners have an opportunity to connect and play - and the best part is, it’s free!

And here’s what we’ve got our eyes on

👀 We bring you the latest “good vibrations” from Jubilations dinner theatre

👀 National Soup It Forward Day is on its way and we profile a local soup duop who will have you asking for seconds

Calgary has some beautiful alleys. // Krista Sylvester

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