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I was reading a story today and wanted to share it with our readers who will resonate with the innovative app a Calgary father created to help hockey parents. In what will be a gamechanger for local hockey, Dallas West created an app called Blitz Sports that lets hockey and soccer parents control the scoreboard from their phones. If you know anything about how annoying those scoreboard machines can be, you’ll be exited about this development, too. Those wanting to test the app out can contact Blitz.

Krista Sylvester, Managing Editor

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🌧️ Today: High -26C, Low -31C. See the 7-day forecast.

🚗 Driving today? Check the current traffic situation, and find the city’s traffic report and road closures.

The Animal Services Centre vet clinic sees an average of 130 surgeries per month, which works out to about 103 cats and 27 dogs receiving some form of surgery per month. // City of Calgary

Calgary’s Animal Services Centre has created Canada's first municipally owned and operated veterinary clinic funded mainly by the income collected from pet licences. The animal care team provides a variety of rehabilitation services and surgeries, including spays, neuters, dental cleanings, and amputations.

One-and-a-half-year-old border collie cross Wally recently received major femur surgery. When he arrived at the Animal Services Centre as a stray in mid-October, Wally was fearful, and it was apparent he needed medical attention—not only was he emaciated, but he also had a fractured femur.

Wally’s X-rays

"We are committed to providing the best possible care for every furry friend that comes through our doors,” says clinic coordinator Kathleen Dickson. “Every surgery, every rehabilitation and every act of compassion from our dedicated team is a step towards creating new beginnings for animals like Wally.”

Wally is on his way to recovery and is available for adoption, thanks to the extraordinary care of the entire team at Animal Services.

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Need to know

🐕 Four canine criminals got a ride home in the back of a Calgary police car and it was caught on camera.

💔 Family of a woman savagely killed by her boyfriend feels let down by the justice system.

🪧 Beiseker neighbours rally around a senior who was attacked in a road rage incident.

💸 Canmore lays out plans to tax vacant homes to make tourist homes a thing of the past.

🚓 Man shot after an alleged home invasion, shows up to hospital in a cab.

👮 Two charged in Capitol Hill fatal shooting, police say no known connection with the victim.

⚖️ Disgraced Calgary neurologist who sexually assaulted 55 women sent back to prison. 

🏒 Calgary Flames midseason survey: Should the team trade its pending UFAs?

🥶 Frostbite in under a minute: Calgary temperatures to plunge even deeper this week. City of Calgary says it’s prepared to help citizens deal with extreme cold. How did our ancestors handle Alberta winters? This is how.


Our managing editor adopted Presley from Saving Grace. // Krista Sylvester

We are lucky to live in a place where pet ownership is celebrated and there are a lot of great local rescues where you can adopt from. Here are a few spots in and around the Calgary area that we hope you check out when looking at adopting a new pet.

The Calgary Humane Society shelters almost 4,500 homeless animals each year and hopes to lead, inspire, and educate the ethical treatment for all animals. Recently they had to do a call out for foster families and adoptions, as the facility was completely filled with pups and dogs of all sizes. They always have a large array of a variety of animals including dogs, cats, and many types of critters. 

Their vision to “rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome any animal in need” is a simple concept that they execute brilliantly. Their animals are always in high demand and they are excellent at pairing them with the best families to make a perfect match. If you can’t commit to adoption right away, they are always looking for volunteers and donations to help keep their 24-hour emergency services and rescue running around the clock. 

Solely dedicated to the adoption of senior cats and dogs, ARTS is the perfect place to give these gentle animals a second chance and help them feel loved once more. Check out their selection and see if one of these wonderful animals is the addition your family is looking for. 

This volunteer group focuses their efforts on rescuing and re-homing unwanted or abandoned pitbulls from shelters, First Nation free-roaming dog communities, and animal controls. Head to their website to see how you can support or find your next cute pitty.

Founded in 2000 this cat-focused charity and humane society helps relocate abandoned stray cats into suitable and loving homes. If you’re a cat-loving human, this is the rescue shelter where you need to look for your future, cuddly, boundary-loving friend. 

ARF is a volunteer-based organization and non-profit charity that provides home placement for unwanted dogs and cats in communities and rural settings. If you’re not ready to adopt, they have many loving foster animals looking for temporary homes.

Where to eat and drink

🍴 Fine Print: Located in the former Calgary Herald building, this restaurant’s eclectic decor and menu features French-inspired indulgences with quality fresh ingredients.

🍴 Donna Mac: Delicious comfort food such as the beef pastrami sandwich await you at this central spot open seven days

🍴 Santorini Greek Taverna: In business for more than 30 years, this restaurant is as authentically Greek as it gets with both its food and decor.

Have a food or drink suggestion? Message us and we might share it!

Local specials

💸 Goodwill: At this Goodwill outlet located at 2731 57 Ave. SE, pay for your products.

💸 Cineplex: At Cineplex’s 18+ VIP Cinemas, enjoy an appetizer, two entrees, and a dessert for $45 on Wednesdays. Plus, get $5 off select bottles of wine.

💸 South Block BBQ: Every day after 10pm grab meats like brisket, pork belly, turkey, ribs, and pork for half off!

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Things to do

🎟️ Topp Gunn: A Maverick Musical: There's only a few chances left to catch this Highway to the Danger Zone production over a three-course dinner.

🎟️ PRASÁTKO: This Czech-inspired pop-up will take place on Jan. 18 and 19 from 4 to 10pm featuring a mix of dishes that blend together classic Czech recipes with Alberta ingredients.

🎟️ River: One of CUFFS’ programmers' favourite films is the Japanese sci-fi comedy about a mountain inn that becomes trapped in a time loop. At the Globe on Jan. 12 at 7pm.

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We caught this photo during a highway drive this week. Send us your winter photos to [email protected]. // Krista Sylvester

That’s it! Thanks for reading. If you have a hot story tip you want to share, feel free to reply back anytime. We’ll see you back here on Tuesday, same time, same place!

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