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Plus: Pharmacare bombshell, hot chocolate, and Special Olympics

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Good morning !

And just like that - it’s almost March! I always notice the first two months of the year going SO FAST. And since this is a leap year, those born on Feb. 29 will actually get to celebrate their birthdays on the day they were actually born. I’ve never really thought about it until today but if we stopped recognizing the leap year, at some point in the 2400’s, January would eventually drift into summertime in the northern hemisphere.

Krista Sylvester, Managing Editor

👀 In today's edition:

  • Albertans may miss out on pharmacare

  • Stop signs cause chaos

  • Hot chocolate!

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Do you support the UCP government's decision to opt out of the national pharmacare plan?

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Alberta reportedly wants to opt out of the proposed national pharmacare program

Under the current Alberta health insurance plan, birth control is not universally covered, nor is every person with diabetes eligible for coverage of the supplies their doctor prescribes. // Shutterstock

The federal government is phasing in its new national pharmacare program, which is set to include coverage of birth control and diabetes medication for Canadians. The feds said it can be implemented within its spending budget. The Alberta government says it will opt out of the program. What does this mean? Details are limited at the moment, but Alberta says it intends to obtain a full per capita share of the funding because the province was not consulted on the plan.

As Global news reports, not everyone is happy with the decision. “I think the real question is why would the government not want to implement this? Do they not want to save the $40 million? Do they not want to make life more affordable for every day Albertans and improve the maternal health in this province and help support women to get back into the workforce and let them choose when they want to have pregnancies?” said Dr. Rupindeer Toor, who started a petition last year aimed at advocating for federal universal access to free prescription contraception.

As City News reports, there has already been lots of reaction online — some people are celebrating it, while others are confused as to why the UCP government would not participate. Calgary political scientist Duane Bratt says the province likely is choosing to fight back in another situation that doesn’t make sense. “It’s just the reflex answer, it’s ‘No, stay in your lane’ and ‘Just give us the money.’ But that’s not going to happen.”

In case you missed it the first time

Need to know

🛑 New 'no stopping' signs on a Calgary street are disrupting parking for residents.

🚶 A Calgary couple is working toward their goal of walking through every community in the city one step at a time.

🚬 A group of University of Calgary students are calling for the government to tightly regulate vaping and nicotine pouches.

❤️ This colourful perogy business helped a Ukrainian family find safety and success in Calgary.

🔥 'We're stuck in the middle': Owner faces a 2-year delay for a fire inspection at a seniors home.

🏅 'He is an absolute machine': Proud coaches show off three of Calgary's exemplary Special Olympics athletes.

🥶 Winter-like conditions are blowing into the city this week, after unseasonably warm temperatures.


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Things to do

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