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Abracadavers, an Alberta-shot series films second season in and around Calgary

You might recognize some of the beautiful scenery Southern Alberta and Calgary has to offer if you watch the second season of the Alberta-made Abracadavers series.

Calgary-based production company Numera Films recently wrapped shooting on the second season of their flagship series Abracadavers in August, and the release of the finished product is planned for 2022.

“We shot primarily in Calgary and in Longview at the John Scott ranch. Folks use that place for filming quite a bit, so we were lucky to get in when we did,” says one of the film’s producers and lead actor Griffin Cork.

Eagle-eyed viewers will also recognize the Calgary water treatment plant, Mountain View Bowling in southwest Calgary, and the Longview Saloon in Longview, Alberta near the John Scott ranch.

“There are some pretty great spots where you just fall in love with the beauty of the sunsets and sunrises and even just the landscape — it’s just so beautiful to showcase,” he says, adding they also have some beautiful footage from the Springbank area.

“We owe a lot to the industry in Alberta. We’ve felt a lot of love in terms of hometown support, but the work that the community has been doing to bolster the film scene here is absolutely integral.”

The first season was a success; the second should be just as popular

Cork credits working with a tight-knit group of people with the same goals for the success of the series.

“With your friends, you know that everyone wants to be there. Everyone’s invested in the story and they want to see you succeed. It’s amazing to be able to go have a drink in the Longview Saloon after shooting with 25 of your buddies.”

The first season of Abracadavers garnered over 35 award wins and nominations at over 20 international festivals, including “Best Web Series” at the Los Angeles Film Awards, the AMPIA Rosie Awards, and several more.

The critically-acclaimed first season was filmed partially in Calgary as well as Red Deer, Drumheller, Cochrane, Stettler, Nanton, and some parts of BC.

“We’ve taken huge strides since Season One in terms of budget and production value,” Cork adds.

Cork produced the second season alongside Morgan Ermter and Gianna Isabella, who were also joined by Canadian Screen award-nominated producer Jesse Lipscombe.

Making a splash in the Alberta film and TV industry

The project was funded by the Canadian Media Fund. Out of the 18 projects funded by the organization’s Digital Linear Series Program, Abracadavers Season Two is the only Alberta project among them.

Cork says it was a bittersweet honour.

“Being the only Alberta production is an honour in a way also kind of a bummer. I wish there were a few more local projects represented.”

Abracadavers follows the story of Chris (played by Cork), who’s Mom died in a freak hair salon chair accident. Ever since then, he’s been attached to the chair responsible for her death.

Watch the series or find them on Facebook and Instagram: @Abracadavers or Twitter: @AbracadaversWeb. The series can also be found on Amazon Prime or iTunes.


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