The story behind Roadrunner Vintage

Pre-loved fashion for your rock ‘n roll heart ❤️

By Calgary Citizen Staff | December 13, 2021 |11:25 pm

Ashlee and Hannah founders of Roadrunner Vintage

Photo: @roadrunnervntg // Instagram

Roadrunner Vintage was founded by Ashlee and Hannah, who both have a love for vintage and style. On the road their goal is to have fun, never take life too seriously, and curate the best of fashion come and gone, while paying homage to looks that defined their favourite eras. 

From the vibrancy of the ‘60s to the alternative subculture of the ‘90s, they’re in tune with fashion’s cyclical nature and it’s their mission to bring back the best looks, styles, and trends again and again — while fighting the force of fast fashion. 

Not long ago they opened up a physical shop in the historic Bell Block in Victoria Park. There you can find pre-loved second handpieces, along with pop-up creators, jewellery, accessories, hats, and vinyl — it’s a vibe. 

In short, the road to making Roadrunner Vintage has been a journey, but it’s an adventure that both Ashlee and Hannah are passionate to be on. We sat down with Ashlee to learn more about their mission to enhance the sustainable fashion movement in Calgary and what has made their community so unique and special — particularly during the pandemic.   

What do you sell? 

Ashlee: Second hand clothing for your rock ‘n roll heart.

Where did you come up with the concept for Roadrunner Vintage? 

Ashlee: We need to do better sustainably for our future and second-hand clothing is part of our contribution. We curate secondhand styles that are timeless. Your favourite t-shirt, that denim jacket that will last you a lifetime, the boots that will travel and bring them back to the market at affordable prices for you to re-love.

Why did you choose to open a brick-and-mortar shop in downtown Calgary? 

Ashlee: We took a leap and opened a storefront in downtown Calgary. We want to provide space to other like-minded small business owners and give them an opportunity to get their collections, handmade products, and creations out into the market organically.

How have you fared during the pandemic? 

Ashlee: We’ve definitely had to push online, but we really want to see people out and about, sharing stories and hanging out. So we’ve tried to create a welcoming space that says ‘welcome to my living room’ for others to feel like taking part socially in a safe space again.

What makes your community special and how have they supported you? 

Ashlee: Downtown Calgary has the greatest people, and we’re really all trying to band together to make it vibrant again. We have a plant store that opened up next door and we’re constantly rooting for each other. Other small businesses in the area are also always promoting one another and I really think we’re all just trying to do our part to see each other succeed. 

Where do you see Roadrunner Vintage in the future? 

Ashlee: As an ever-growing culture in the second-hand vintage and the preloved sustainable fashion movement. We also want to provide opportunities for other small businesses to get their name out there by sharing space.

Describe Calgary’s small-business community

Ashlee: We’re all struggling, but we’re all in it together to support each other.

Last but not least, how do you define the word ‘community?’ 

Ashlee: A place where each of us contributes to create the different layers of life that give us the foundation to learn, share, and grow.

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