The story behind My Mommy Drinks Wine

A wine label and subscription box for anyone looking for connection and belonging — celebrating the unsung heroes in our lives.

By Calgary Citizen Staff | November 24, 2021 |1:05 am

Victoria Harris // Founder of My Mommy Drinks Wine

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There’s no doubting it, mom’s are our unsung superheroes! They raise us, they feed us, they make sure our clothes are clean, and our beds are made — and so much more. 

Victoria Harris, a lover of wine and passionate writer (and a mom) decided to combine these talents and co-write a book, My Mommy Drinks Wine, for moms and kids to enjoy. Playfully teasing on the irony of just how much wine moms really drink, while toasting all momma’s on the incredible heartwork that they put in that sometimes goes unnoticed. 

The book was a hit and led her to create MMDW Wines — a wine label and wine subscription box. They even have a few of their own red and white vino blends to add to the mix and change things up in each box. 

We sat down with Victoria to learn how she fuels momma’s with connection and belonging, and how this supermom launched her business in the height of the pandemic. 

How did you come up with the concept for MMDW? 

Victoria: I have loved writing since I was young. Before becoming a Mom, I was passionate about wine and always wanted to learn more about the history and culture behind it. After having children, I realized that wine was an interest that a lot of Mamas shared, and it became a new social and cultural connection to enjoy while sharing experiences and stories of motherhood. 

So, I co-authored book and developed a wine label to create awareness and give thanks to all of the Mamas out there who need a moment to themselves and self-validation that they’re doing a great job. My Mommy Drinks Wine was created to highlight how much love our children have for us, even when we’re not feeling enough.

What can we expect in each wine subscription? 

Victoria: I went on to create MMDW Wines to offer a wine subscription club, where you can find the My Mommy Drinks Wine red and white wines, as well as so many great wine options. These wines can be picked up or delivered to your doorstep, offering convenience and peace of mind that your wine choices are always low sugar and produced by family businesses who care about the environment and giving back to the community.

Why did you choose to start MMDW Wines in Calgary? 

Victoria: I am a proud, born and raised Calgarian. Although educational opportunities took me around the world, I have enjoyed staying close to my roots. In recent years, I have owned and operated two Calgary restaurants, Chicago Chophouse and Starbelly Open Kitchen and Lounge. I was also the Director of Business Development for Cowboys Casino and The Calgary Stampede. I love how Calgary has the most beautiful small-town, western heritage feel. It’s reflected in all the connections I’ve made in the city over the years.

How did you manage launching MMDWWines during the pandemic? 

Victoria: I launched my most recent business during the pandemic, so it didn’t know any different. However, I deemed the changing consumer behaviors and need for connectivity as an opportunity to deliver a service and a place for Mamas to feel valued. As the world keeps moving towards the new normal, the need for convenience, consumer empowerment and community connection only grows. As MMDW continues to expand, we keep this in the front of our minds, as our main brand identity. 

What makes your community special and how have they supported you? 

Victoria: Our community is special because our intent is to create a village of support when you’re feeling alone and not enough. We remind each other that we’re all doing our very best, and our kids only view us with the most loving lenses, and not the judgement we put on ourselves (and sadly, sometimes others). This community is about inspiring love and laughter, sharing stories of Motherhood, and being able to laugh about the funny things our kids say about us. Hence, ‘My Mommy Drinks Wine’.

What do you see for the future of MMDW Wines? 

Victoria: Not only will MMDW continue to strive for consumer empowerment and ultimate convenience when it comes to choosing wines that are focused on values important to you, but MMDW is also a proud partner of Mamas for Mamas. 10% of all profits go to this national charitable organization that supports mothers and caregivers in crisis by providing ongoing support to individuals and families facing various poverty-related struggles.

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