This website lets you look up Calgary homes that have questionable, criminal, and paranormal pasts

There are over 788 Calgary addresses on the website.

By Krista Sylvester | October 27, 2021 |10:09 pm

The House Creep Instagram account only popped up a month ago but is already popular, especially with Halloween. There are thousands of homes with creepy and criminal pasts including here in Calgary and many across Canada and the US.

Photo: @housecreep.offical // Instagram

Enter your home address — if you dare that is. 

It’s been around since 2013 but, naturally House Creep always gets a little extra attention around this time of year. The website is a crowdsourced database of thousands of homes across the world that have questionable, criminal, or paranormal histories. 

“Right around Halloween every year there’s a boost in activity. We have a lot of people that will visit the website and run through all the spooky stories they can find” explains Ottawa-based co-founder Albert Armieri. He and his brother Robert run the site together. 

“ I think people who just tend to use it as a sort of a playful thing where they’ll dare to enter their address and see if their house pops up or if anyone they know surrounding their house pops up. It kind of becomes a bit of a good Halloween activity at that point.”

Check out some local homes with a past 

There are over 788 Calgary addresses on the website, including many homes that were home to high-profile murders. 

Some Calgary properties include the home known as the Brentwood Five Massacre, a murder from the ’70s, and random paranormal stories such as this. 

“There’s certainly some that are paranormal. There’s a number of spooky stories on the site,” he adds. 

It wasn’t designed to be an addition to spooky season; Armieri launched the website when his brother Robert was trying to rent a home in Toronto and got dangerously close to renting a property that had heinous crimes.

“It just became a point of frustration for him that he was having to kind of piece together these disparate elements of information,” he says, adding his own search for a home in Ottawa led them to unite to create the website.

“We thought, in this day and age, why don’t we have a one-stop shop for this type of information to support prospective buyers, renters and agents?’”

We’re just here for the thrills and chills 

While the website was designed to be an informative resource for people looking to rent or buy a home, Armieri knows people also tend to come for the creepy and criminal stories. 

“I think if you were to break them up into camps, you’d have the criminal and the paranormal contending for the top spot. A lot of users who go on the site to share paranormal experiences of houses they lived at or know of.”

The website features different categories if you want to search “Houses Where Someone Died”, “Murder Houses”, “Real Haunted Houses”, “Former Grow Ops” and, “Meth Labs”. 

There’s also a series of intriguing blogs.

“Some of them are much more Halloween-oriented. So you’ll find some of the creepier articles around like, ‘don’t go down in the basement in nice houses’, or ‘houses you wouldn’t want to visit on Halloween.’” 

House Creep recently launched its Instagram account a month ago and it’s already been a hit with users. Check out the Calgary homes here. 

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Krista Sylvester

Managing Editor at Calgary Citizen

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