The Calgary Guide: 9 Fall-themed drinks to try in Calgary

The top specialty drinks to try in Calgary this fall — they're local and not a basic PSL!

By Calgary Citizen Staff | September 30, 2021 |11:27 pm

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Fall is the best for many reasons, but enjoying a warm flavoured beverage is by far one of the best — especially if it’s caffeinated. Paired with a cozy knit sweater, warm blanket, and a gripping new novel and you’ve got a recipe for a perfect Sunday afternoon! 

For those who think the PSL is far too overrated (we’re raising our hands over here), we urge you to check out these local concoctions made with fresh autumn flavours — hazelnut, mandarin orange, white chocolate, cinnamon, and more. 

They’re sweet, delicious, and only available for a limited time. Enjoy! 

Monogram Coffee

Their full Fall menu is now available and features an all-star lineup of specialty beverages. It features a Mandarin Espresso + Tonic, Mandarin Honey Latte, and Hojicha Latte — just to name a few. 

Thé Moon Tea House

Image a Crème brûlée Soft Moon with brown sugar mini pearls and pudding topped with Okinawa brown sugar dressing. Yes, this delightful drink does exist! 

Rosso Coffee Roasters 

Rosso is known for offering fantastic flavours with its own unique twist. For their fall line-up try their Pumpkin Maple Latte made with espresso, pumpkin pure and maple syrup, or Turmeric Spice Latte, a decaffeinated super-food option with a mix of turmeric, ginger, and coconut cream. 

Higher Ground 

I know we said a hard no to the PSL above, but we never mentioned anything about a Pumpkin PIE Latte. This is a classic from Higher Ground that Calgarians anticipate all year long. Don’t forget about their extensive selection of baked goods — how about a pumpkin or lemon loaf? 

Deville Coffee 

Now, these guys know how to take a basic flavour and add a delicious spin to it. Try their White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice latte, made with homemade white chocolate pumpkin spice ganache. Chefs kiss!  

Good Earth Coffeehouse 

This special autumn lineup is specially crafted to help us slow down, enjoy the moment, and taste the sweetness that this season brings. This year their focus is the harmony of pairing oat milk and honey, in their Honey Americano with Steamed Oat Milk or their Honey Espresso Chai with Steamed Oat Milk if you’re looking for that extra kick. 


Their Pumpkin Spice Latte is a slice of fall in a cup and a unique spin on a PSL like you’ve never tasted before. 

Euphoria Cafe 

This suburban coffeehouse is always giving out taste buds a treat. Try their Spice Hazelnut Latte and you’ll never go back! 

O’l Beautiful Brewing Company 

No one said this list was strictly cafes! Ol’Beautiful has done it again with their seasonal Pumpkin Ale. With an amber ale base mixed with real pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg, your taste buds are in for a TREAT. Find it under their seasonal menu labelled ‘Lil’ Punk’ 

Did we miss one? Send us an email at and let us know! 

Calgary Citizen Staff


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