Calgary’s Parachutes for Pets in high demand due to record amount of calls

Pet vet service in need of support to help those who need it most

By Emma Boyne | August 17, 2022 |5:00 am

Parachutes for Pets is in desperate need of donations to keep up with the need for their services.

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An influx of calls has left a Calgary pet service pleading for help. 

Parachutes for Pets is an organization focused on supporting pet owners and the bond that is created between animals and humans. 

Understanding that many families need some help along the way, volunteer Alicia Jeffrey says the organization has many programs in place to help those in need — however, it has recently been struggling to support the influx of calls for help. 

“In a matter of hours, we received 17 calls for individuals needing support for their pet in terms of vet care. We’ve never seen such a high number in such a short amount of time,” Jeffrey says. 

“Usually we see that within a month, but we’re not even able to support that amount so quickly, and we just don’t have the donations to meet the demand that’s out there.”

Parachutes for Pets helps with vet services.

Helping those who need it most 

The organization provides emergency pet packs to homeless and low-income families, hampers, a mobile food bank, and also offers a program called the Lilies Legacy that helps foster children stay with their pets while transitioning to a new home. 

Given the record amount of calls, Parachutes for Pets is in need of donations and is accepting anything people have to offer. 

From packages and unopened food to monthly donations, the organization says every bit helps. 

“We really understand how important that human-animal bond is and how much our pets impact our lives. For most of us, they’re part of the family,” Jeffrey says. 

“We try to bridge the gap and ensure that our programs can help people stay with their pets.”

Jeffrey advises pet owners to have a plan for when things go wrong, and to ensure they’re able to access veterinary or health needs at any time, even if it means asking for help. 

“If you have a pet, maybe reach out to family and friends for help or maybe pet insurance as a backup in case something happens,” Jeffrey says. “We always want to be able to continue to support as many people and pets as we can in our community.” 

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Emma Boyne

Emma Boyne is an intern at Calgary Citizen.

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