It’s his sixth birthday party and he will have a limo park crawl if he wants to

Soon to be six-year-old and his family are hosting a birthday party in a limo that will go from park to park

By Krista Sylvester | June 20, 2022 |5:00 am

Mikilo Johnson, almost six, has always loved cars and go-karts. Now his family is planning a limo park crawl for his birthday next month.

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Some kids want birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese and others just want to make sure there is cake and balloons on hand. 

Well, this soon-to-be six-year-old wants a limo ride for his birthday in July. 

Craig and Ashley Johnson were surprised when their son, Mikilo, requested a limo for his birthday, foregoing the usual party requests of cake and balloons. 

“He’s seen them around town quite a bit. He loves cars and he is just fascinated by limos,” his parents tell Calgary Citizen. 

A love for cars that runs in the family 

Mikilo and his older brother Myles, 12, have always been into cars, and the youngster enjoys racing around in go-karts while his older brother races them competitively. 

“The love of cars runs in the family,” Craig says. 

They came up with the idea to hire a limo from Elevate for two hours for his birthday party, round up his friends, and drive around to several city parks in true “park crawl” style. 

They even turned to Reddit for ideas on what playgrounds to take the kids to. 

“My husband and I were laying in bed, and I said my idea is that we could just go from park to park to park. That’d be a lot of fun. A park crawl instead of a pub crawl,” Ashley explains, adding there will be music and hot dogs to keep the kids entertained between stops. 

“I think they will all dress up and wear sunglasses, maybe have some champagne glasses. It’ll be fancy. We want to do it right and get the most out of it.” 

A little help from some strangers 

Craig narrowed the parks down to a few with the help of some local Reddit users, and now he is just plotting the journey itself to get the most out of the two-hour limo ride. 

Shouldice Park and the 4th Avenue flyover park are options but the family is still planning the route in to make the best of their allotted time. 

“There were a lot of positive responses (on Reddit) and people thought it was a cool idea. A lot of people are asking me to post an update after so I will probably give everybody an update on how it went,” he adds. 

“So stealing this when my young one gets to that age,” one user posted, while another said “Holy crap, parent of the year right here. What a great idea.”

Krista Sylvester

Managing Editor at Calgary Citizen

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