Keep your eye on the sky: Alberta is in the top three provinces to witness a UFO

Researchers compiled the data and our province is near the top

By Krista Sylvester | August 19, 2022 |5:00 am

A snapshot of the UFO sightings data provided by Casino Source.

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Have you seen any UFOs in Alberta? 

Whether you believe we are alone in the universe or not, many Albertans have reported UFO sightings; in fact, our province is one of the top three places in Canada to witness these unidentified flying objects, according to researchers at Casino Source who released this original article.

Where in Canada is it most likely that you’ll see a UFO?

Ontario is the UFO capital of Canada, with 2,380 sightings, more than twice the number of extraterrestrial encounters recorded in British Columbia at 1,151, which ranks second overall.

Here in Alberta, which is the third most likely province to have encountered alien life, we have had 654 encounters recorded. The next likely provinces to report encounters are Manitoba and Nova Scotia.

These stats compiled by researchers at Casino Source are based on numbers from Canadian ufologists, says Casino Source communications and content manager Colm Phelan. 

“Our stats come from the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), which has been gathering records of sightings across Canada and the US. It has a data bank of UFO reports indexed by date, location, and even shape of UFO,” he says, adding the group also referenced the 2017 Canadian UFO Survey run by Ufology Research. 

A steady rise in sightings since 2017 

That Canadian organization is headed by Chris Rutkowski, who is the nation’s leading ufologist. The organization records sightings from people who write in from each province.

Phelan says UFOs in Canada have been spotted ever since the country was founded, but researchers say there has been a surge in sightings since the pandemic, and a steady rise in sightings since 2017. 

“Canada’s top ufologist was recently called in to brief the minister of defence on unidentified flying objects. The government keeps a database of over 9,000 records of UFO information, so their existence is hard to deny.”

Calgary is no stranger to UFO sightings 

The Casino Source team analyzed the statistics from all 10 provinces and three territories to calculate the odds for each province in Canada, showing that Alberta is in the top two for most UFO sightings out of all provinces in Canada, Phelan says as he explains that researchers used two separate methods of rankings.

“Firstly, we rank by the total number of sightings, the second ranking is based on the population of the province and the number of sightings, and from that data, we calculated odds of seeing a UFO,” he says. 

That means, in Alberta, the odds are 68/1.

“Calgary specifically ranks in the list of metropolitan areas with most UFO reports, with 24 reports in 2017 alone,” Phelan says.

“In fact, one of the most recent UFO sightings listed is in Calgary in June 2022 when a cylinder-shaped object was spotted in a photo while the reporter was taking a snapshot of the sunset.” 

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Krista Sylvester

Managing Editor at Calgary Citizen

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